Huda Ali

Huda is a literacy teacher at the International Catholic Migration Commission in Mafraq. The unique teaching experience, along with her academic background (BA in English), has inspired the exploration of the relationship between tradition and religion. Her current research focuses on alternative interpretations of Islamic texts, while her theological aspiration is to restore coherence and integrity to contemporary religious practice.

Philosophy of Culture '15 - Islam and Critical Theory '16 - Aesthetic Theory '16

Zaid Alkayed

Zaid is a medical student at the University of Jordan. He is interested in psychiatry and plans on following graduation by entering a Psychiatry Residency Program. His work at the Institute continues to provide the theoretical and critical background for his clinical pursuit. In addition to medicine, Zaid is interested in meditation and linguistics.

Psychoanalysis '16

Nadia Alsaudi

Nadia is an industrial engineer by training and a human and women's rights activist. Her current work connects practices of liberation in local contexts to the world's problems at a larger scale. Her research interests concern the intersection of feminism, social justice, and critical theory.

Identity Politics '16

Raghda Butros

Raghda is a social entrepreneur, urban activist, and community advocate. She founded Hamzet Wasel, a platform for reviving and enriching the social fabric of urban communities in the Arab region, and Ruwwad, the first private sector funded non-profit community mobilization organization in Jordan. An Ashoka and Fulbright Fellow, she recently completed an MSc from Columbia University. She is currently working to apply "somatics" in her work with individuals and communities in Amman.

Philosophy of Culture '15 - Kafka Goes to Palestine '18

Rana Dajani

Rana is a scientist, teacher, and social entrepreneur. She is an associate professor of Biology at the Hashemite Univerity, where she founded the Center for Service Learning, and a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University. She has published both scientific papers and editorials about the Arab world in Nature and Science, and  founded "We Love Reading," a grassroots movement aimed at spreading the love of reading internationally.

Islam and Critical Theory '16 - Aesthetic Theory '16 - Ethics and Exile '17

Tala El-Issa

Tala is a journalist and writer based in Amman. She graduated from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Communications Arts, and has since pursued editorial work in the Arab world. She is preparing for a master's degree in anthropology in London, and is interested in researching the intersection of identity politics and theories of revolution.

Philosophy of Cultlure '15 - Identity Politics '16

Nasser Hadid

Nasser works as a program manager for Adam Smith International, where he focuses on international development. He graduated with a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut, and is interested in returning to questions of political theory and personal identity in an academic context.

Literature and Critical Theory '16 - Ethics and Exile '17

Lina Halaseh

Lina studied architectural engineering in Jordan and Germany. She is currently a freelance designer, and researches the social and architectural heritage of Jordan, particularly focusing on protecting the architectural identity of two cities: Salt and Amman. At the Institute, she researches the benefits and limitations of a multicultural framework in relation to public and private religious practice.

Philosophy of Culture '15

Owice Hammad

Owice holds graduate degrees in resource management and engineering from the University of Jordan and Cologne University in Germany, where he was a DAAD Scholar. After working as an engineer for five years, he is pursuing graduate study at the intersection of environmental ethics and critical theory. His research focuses on the environmental impact of international standards for corporate and governmental waste management.

Identity Politics '16 - Aesthetic Theory '16 - Ethics and Exile '17

Ronahi Majdalawi

Ronahi is an assisant professor at the University of Jordan, having received her PhD in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. An active member of the educational community, she regularly designs workshops and courses for high school, college, and graduate students on issues of social engagement and pedagogy.

Identity Politics '16

Alaa Mufleh

Alaa is a director at the Jordan Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association. She graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Arab Studies and is passionate about innovative Arab institutions.

writer/prisoner '19

Sultan Omari

Sultan is a Labor Market Researcher based in Amman. He has a graduate degree from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Employment and Labor Relations, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He is interested in economic theory, sociology, and progressive thought.

Islam and Critical Theory '16 - Ethics and Exile '17 - writer/prisoner '19

Alejandra Proano

Hailing from Ecuador, Alejandra found herself living in Jordan as the refugee crisis intensified. She volunteers at several refugee camps while hosting conversations on psychology in Amman. She received her graduate degree from the University of Essex in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies, where her research was concerned with the limitations of applying analytical psychology to various socio-cultural fields.

Psychoanalysis '16

Katy Whiting

Katy is the Program Director of the Sijal Institute, where she administers Arabic language courses and cultural events. She has a master's degree in applied linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

Ethics and Exile '17

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Mays Abdel Aziz

Mays is a researcher and consultant based in Amman, having received degrees in economics and political studies from Sciences Po in Paris. She has worked in the governmental, private, and international sectors. At the Institute, she is is interested in how a critical engagement with issues of identity, nationhood, and literature can inform her work.

Ethics and Exile '17 - writer/prisoner '19

Rana Abdelhamid

Rana studied public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, having received her BA from Middlebury College. As a Muslim-American growing up in New York City, she confronted both the politicisation of religion and several issues internal to Muslim communities in the West. As a result, she founded WISE, an organization for Muslim women in Europe and the US.

Islam and Critical Theory '16

Hani Abdo

Hani works at the National Democratic Institute in Amman. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Al-Aqsa University in Palestine and an MA in European Studies from the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf. His research focuses on the relationship between Palestinian literature in the South American diaspora and within the Occupied Territories.

Philosophy of Culture '15 - Identity Politics '16

Kamel Alsharif

Kamel graduated from New York University in Abu Dhabi, where he majored in Political Science. His thesis focused on the intersection of political violence and state legitimacy in Hezbollah and Hamas. At the Institute, he is interested in appropriating Western notions of government in such a way the local identity is not compromised, whilst government is optimized.

Social Science '18 - writer/prisoner '19

Nesreen Barakat

Nesreen is a former minister in the Jordanian government and a founding partner of To Excel Consulting. Her work focuses on socioeconomic development through the governmental and private sectors. At the Institute, she is in dialogue about creating sustainable structures which avoid the bureaucracy of traditional institutions. 

Islam and Critical Theory '16

Brittany Cook Barrineau

Brittany is a Fulbright Scholar in Amman and a Ph.D. candidate in political geography at the University of Kentucky. Her current research focuses on the global politics of small-scale olive oil production in Jordan and the social and economic strategies that farmers employ in order to maintain cultivation of their land.

Philosophy of Culture '15 - Identity Politics '16

Summer Forester

Summer is a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for Strategic Studies in Amman, having received her Ph.D. in political science at Purdue University. Her research examines the extent to which militarism affects government action on women's rights policies in both Jordan and Morocco, as well as the relationship between women's activism in Jordan and the so-called global women's rights movement.

Philosophy of Culture '15 - Identity Politics '16